Artisan Cannabis

Dancing With The Ladies (DWTL) is a best-in-class medical cannabis growing operation with 5,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility and a talented team dedicated to providing the highest-quality cannabis in Oklahoma.


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The Place

Our Cultivation Headquarters sets the industry standard with state-of-the-art equipment. The facility is fully enclosed and completely environmentally controlled for humidity, temperature, light, and CO2 management. Fertigation is also fully automatic allowing for precise nutrient delivery to match specific requirements. Soil monitoring completes a system that ensures perfect conditions for all plants at all stages of development. Additionally, our growing discipline manages disease and pest control through a holistic approach of strict access control and Integrated Pest Management strategies such as use of beneficial insects and OMRI-listed bio-based control products.

The Plants

The highest quality medicinal cannabis begins has the tiniest and simplest genesis: a seed. We use the art of “pheno-hunting”, selecting seeds from over 50 handpicked heirloom and hybrid strains, then growing artisan cultivars that produce the greatest potency based on testing from ISO accredited laboratories, optimum yield, and superior terpene production.

The People

We put years of engineering experience and working together toward answering the simple question, “What will it take to produce the highest quality medicinal cannabis?” The answer adds the perfect people to complement our background. Our team has decades of personal and professional experience in the cannabis industry.  We are Oklahomans with a passion for what we do.



With Dancing With The Ladies as your partner, turn-key production of your cannabis product is now possible at scale in Oklahoma. As a vertically integration operation, DWTL produces artisan flower so you can focus on building and marketing a successful brand. So check out our state-of-the-art growing and production facility, our team with its complementary skills and experience, and let us explore with you how, together, we can succeed while Dancing With The Ladies.

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